Areas of Influence

  • Commercialization 
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business Strategy
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Organizational Optimization

Domain Expertise in Medical Devices & Diagnostics 

Applying Acquired Knowledge  To your specific business

Experience Matters

Due to our breadth and depth of both real "life" global experience and extensive working knowledge,  we find it easy to relate to our clients needs.  


Time is always a factor when dealing with any outside consultant or expert.  We are direct and focused right from the onset of engagement which saves time and prolonged analysis, allowing you to get the solution you want-faster.

Personal & Resourceful

At KCG, we are very adept at ensuring  that we harmonize our approach and support resources with your organization's needs- all in an effort to bring your specific encounter with us to a favorable close.